Candi Fox

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Twisted Time

(The Killing Chronicles Book 3)

A unique reverse harem book with a time travel twist. Emma’s love lies in a magically induced coma. When a so-called friend tricks her into traveling back in time to save Cord, the race for humanity is on. Nora wants to use Cord to open a portal to hell. Emma, who has no memories of her previous life, finds love in the arms of three amazing men. Wolf a Sach Shaman saves Emma from a fate worse than death. US Marshall Nikkolas Frank not only has her back, he convinces her not to be ashamed of her passion, and Sheriff Cord Masterson is torn between two women. Can love survive before hell is unleashed upon the world? #RH #OldWest #TimeTravel #PNR #Shifters #Witches #Demons