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Lennon Cooper:

Class of '85

(Rockstar Book 2)

The latest book in the award-winning Pendale High series introduces you to Lennon Cooper and Kade Dupree. Their story is not YA. It’s 1985, a different landscape of no cell phones or cameras everywhere. Lennon Cooper, Hollywood Starlet, grew up in a gilded cage where she had to work while her toxic mother lived off her exotic looks and riches. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Lennon attends a concert for her favorite band, and everything unexpectedly changes. Kade Dupree is a famous rock star and is looking forward to living life out of the spotlight for a while. He was not prepared to literally meet the girl of his dreams at one of his last concerts after 5 years of touring. When Lennon is attacked, it tests their relationship. Can their love survive all the dirty tricks?