Candi Fox

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Christie Lee:

The Rockstar's Angel

(Book 4)

To the outside world, famous Rockstar, Tommy Mars, died in a fiery car crash. Tommy aka Garrett has been leading a quiet life after years of skin grafts and nursing his damaged vocal cords. He never expects to be a legal guardian to a 17-year-old runaway with musical dreams of her own. But that’s what you do for good friends like Gladys Caruthers, shop owner, and grandmother to Rafe, a student at Pendale High. Christie wants nothing more than to attend Pendale for her senior year. She fought hard to get there and intends to let nothing stand in her way. However, home life gets complicated when her mom’s fiancé hits her. Abuse is a no go so she slams the door on her old life and stumbles into Gladys Caruthers's shop. Life is not a straight line. Love is complicated. Garrett and Christie feel an attraction but deny it. Can the muse triumph over the obstacles?