Candi Fox

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About Me.

From the time that she was 2 years old, Candi Fox has had a deep connection to the paranormal.  It was at that young age that Fox saw her first apparition. From then on, the paranormal seemed to follow her, leaving her wondering if she was drawing the spirits to herself. It wasn’t until Fox was in her late 20s that she found that she was, indeed, a magnet for the paranormal. She found people who could help her understand and master her gifts, which set her on the path of exploring hauntings and other paranormal activities.

She has explored some of the most haunted places in America, including Hannah House in Indiana, which was once part of the Underground Railroad. She was raised in rural Indiana and has explored many of the world’s paranormal sites, and she now lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is evaluating the paranormal landscape of her new home. Fox shares her thoughts on the paranormal and other topics as co-host of the popular radio show Candi and Company, which has more than 1 million listeners.

She is a student of the occult, magick and voodoo, and has studied with the world’s top psychics. She has her Mastery of Reiki, as well. Outside of the paranormal, she passionate about horseback riding and horse rescue and rehabilitation. In addition to hosting her radio show, Fox is a writer, and uses her experience with the paranormal, along with her own life traumas, to write about difficult subjects from a grounded and realistic perspective.