Candi Fox

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Rockstar Collection:

A Headbanging Hairband Age Gap Romance 5 Novels

5 Full-Length steamy forbidden age-gap romances. No cliffhangers. HEA

Savannah James Savannah came from nothing but ended up with everything. Music burns in her soul. It’s her passion, her reason for living. A rock concert at Madison Square Garden, complete with backstage pass, changed Savannah’s life forever. She ends up sleeping with rock legend Stone Blackwood. He’s a decade older and isn’t looking for a relationship.

Lennon Cooper Her mother is a c*nt plain and simple. No other word fits a woman who’s pimped out her child since the age of two. The moment Lennon turns eighteen, she takes over her own life and career. One night after a concert she meets Kade Dupree, lead singer of Magnum Force. Perhaps the only rock band her mother hasn’t slept with. Lennon doesn’t want to follow in her infamous groupie mother’s footsteps, but she can’t resist Kade’s pull.

Gemma’s Wish Her parents promised Gemma a quiet eighteenth birthday in Montana. It’s a lie. Just another publicity opportunity for their actress daughter. They even try to tell the world she’s engaged to the biggest perv in Hollywood. Under the December full moon, Gemma makes a wish to find true love. The next morning, she meets Jaxon Hawk. He’s a decade older, an artist and horse whisperer. From the moment Gemma sees him, she’s head over heels in love.

Christie Lee She can’t stay under her mother’s roof one more night. It’s not safe. Not with her mom’s new boyfriend moving in. Christie packs her bag and hits the road winding up, staying with a complete stranger. Garrett MacBain is fifteen years her senior and is the only man that’s ever made her go weak in the knees. Can Christie keep her crush a secret while they live under the same roof?

Elle Hart Elle’s had a crush on her father’s business partner, Greyson Steel, since she was seventeen. Now he’s helping her father produce a huge rock show. She’ll be working closely with him over the next few weeks. How can Elle convince him not to see her as a little girl?