Candi Fox

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Peter's Prize :

Luciano Crime Family, Boston Mafia (Fabled Wars a Dark Mafia Romance): Bleeding Souls Saved by Love!

(Bleeding Souls Saved by Love (Fabled Wars a Dark Mafia Romance))

Peter Luciano I get what I want and I want Wendi Deveraux. She sings at my sworn enemy’s nightclub. It will be all the sweeter taking her from James Bruno.

Wendi Deveraux I sing to pay my mother’s hospital bills, but I hate James Bruno whose club has become my gilded cage. Hope begins to grow when Peter Luciano promises he can open Bruno’s cruel grasp.

Belle Night I’m in love with my boss, Peter Luciano, but he doesn’t see me. Now he demands I help his latest conquest get free of a man he’s hated for years. How can I remove the jagged pieces of my broken heart?