Candi Fox

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Papa's Beloved

Gabriel's Perfect Storm-Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 7
(Voodoo Kings New Orleans) 

Gabriel James Dupree, known too many as Papa, Vice President of the Voodoo King’s New Orleans chapter, can have any woman he wants and he has. Prior to becoming a biker, he served his country. Starting with the Marines and ending up in Delta force. He’s put his life on the line for strangers.

Now he must risk life and limb to save the woman he loves from her Uncle. The same man that sold her into prostitution at the tender age of twelve.

Chardonnay, Nay, Danvers will do anything for her family. She already has. She sold her body to put food in their bellies and a roof over her sibling's head. Now she's finally finished schooling and become a Nurse Practitioner.

Just when life is right, her uncle, who she thought was dead, rears his ugly head.

Can Nay get past her shame and embrace true love while staying out of the clutches of her uncle?