Candi Fox

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Outlaw's Angel

A Season of Miracles-Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 6
(Voodoo Kings New Orleans) 

I spent my life wild and free. Well, mostly, there was that year stint in prison. Before the Kings, I was an integral part of my family's smuggling business. Think of us as modern day Robin Hoods only on the ocean. Wine, women and song. Living life to the fullest not a care in the world until I meet Delta.

Delta- I’ve spent the last three years running and the last two taking care of my daughter. I’m always looking over my shoulder, waiting for him to find me. I never imagined working the graveyard shift in a gas station would lead me to meet the most incredible man.

He’s really into me, but will he still be when he finds out my deep, dark secret? My hidden shame? Can Outlaw win Delta’s heart before her past comes to claim her?