Candi Fox

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Hunters’ Revenge :

Wicked Warriors MC Maryland Charter: Bleeding Souls Saved by Love
(Wicked Bad Boy Biker Motorcycle Club Romance)

Hunter Bain served his time thanks to being framed by Red. Everyone thought she was a sweet innocent kid. They sent him up the river without one shred of evidence. Now he’s back and he’s leading the pack. President of the Wicked Warriors MC Maryland Charter. And he’s for revenge.

All Alexa Travers ever wanted to be was an artist. When her grandmother Red died she saddled her with the bar. A bar she had to run for five years before she could sell it and pursue her dreams. She has no idea she’s in the cross-hairs of a lethal “Club” of wolf shifters, their leader bent on revenge.

Bleeding Souls Saved By Love! A Fable Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood