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Elle Hart:

A Rockstar for Christmas
(Rockstar Book 5)


He made an unforgettable impression on me, saving me from a fate worse than death to a young woman of seventeen. On my eighteenth birthday, Grayson Steele kissed me. For four years, she longed for more. Waited for more. It wasn’t just a fangirl moment. A flame was lit inside me that only he could tame. My lips still tingle every time I think of his lips on mine.

Now, I’m wondering how I could ever possibly get him to notice me through the crowd of women throwing themselves at him. Will he ever see me as the woman I’ve become, or will I always be forever that eighteen-year-old girl?


I am the sexy, tattooed, rock god, bad boy, wielding a guitar, so I'm told. I could have any woman I wanted, but that kiss from four years ago still held a burning desire for my business partner’s young daughter. She was beautiful, with long blonde hair and freckles that drove me wild. I kept my desires a secret, but deep down inside, I longed for her touch and the taste of her lips. The flame lit that day has grown into a raging fire of desire. I wondered if her father knew, would he allow us to be together? Will I ever be able to feed that fire, or will I be left wanting the one person I can never have?

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