Candi Fox

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Heart of the West:
Effrem's Destiny​ Wolf (Creek Cowboys Book 1)
Papa's Beloved : Gabriel's Perfect Storm 
Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 7 (Voodoo Kings New Orleans)
Outlaw's Angel:
A Season of Miracles
 Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 6 (Voodoo Kings New Orleans)
Smoke's Siren: Riding Into Revenge
Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 5 (Voodoo Kings New Orleans)
Dakota's Desires : Branded by Love Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 4 (Voodoo Kings New Orleans)
Boomer's Treasure : Reclamation's Surrender
Voodoo Kings MC New Orleans Book 3 (Voodoo Kings New Orleans)
Nitro's Nymph
 Last Judgement Voodoo Kings New Orleans Book 2
Betrayed by Trust
Gambit's Queen
Voodoo Kings New Orleans Book 1
When the power of storms and voodoo collide, will Gambit prevail?
Rockstar Collection:
A Headbanging Hairband Age Gap Romance 5 Novels 
Blood Moon
Odin's Wolves MC Book 4

Can Kanine, Sofia and the other members of the club stop them before it’s too late?
Odin's Wolves MC Book 3

Can love vanquish the designs of an obsessive devil?
The Prophecy (Odin's Wolves MC Book 2)
Don’t miss this epic tale of myths, justice, and prophecy.
Redemption (Odin's Wolves MC Book 1)
Can Desiré and Rage learn to believe in love again?
Savannah James:
Pendale High Class of '87
(Rockstar Book 1)
Lennon Cooper:
Class of '85 (Rockstar Book 2)
Can their love survive all the dirty tricks?
Gemma's Wish (Rockstar Book 3)
A heartwarming romance with all the feels and a healthy dose of spice.
Christie Lee:
The Rockstar's Angel
(Rockstar Book 4)
Can the muse triumph over the obstacles?
Elle Hart:
A Rockstar for Christmas
(Rockstar Book 5)
Will I ever be able to feed that fire, or will I be left wanting the one person I can never have?
Harlequin's Deception
(The Naked Truth Book 1)
How’s a girl suppose to navigate the danger to find love?
Witch's Transformation (The Naked Truth Book 2)
Can Cowboy, Nic, and the other men in her life save her before it’s too late?
(The Naked Truth Book 3) 
She has to decide if she can put her heart on the line again to have love in her life again.
Healing Harley: Love Through Time
(The Naked Truth Book 4)
Can this adventure into her past lives heal Harley as a blood witch and remind her that love through time is the strongest magic of all?
Hunters’ Revenge : Wicked Warriors MC Maryland Charter: Bleeding Souls Saved by Love
(Wicked Bad Boy Biker Motorcycle Club Romance)
Peter's Prize : Luciano Crime Family, Boston Mafia
(Fabled Wars a Dark Mafia Romance): Bleeding Souls Saved by Love! (Bleeding Souls Saved by Love (Fabled Wars a Dark Mafia Romance))
Strange Beginnings
(The Killing Chronicles Book 1)
Sweet Obsession
(The Killing Chronicles Book 2)
Twisted Time
(The Killing Chronicles Book 3)

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